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What Is The Maria Theresa Thaler?

What Is The Maria Theresa Thaler?

Maria Theresa ThalerAre you looking for more information about the Maria Theresa Thaler? If so, then you have stumbled upon the correct place because we’re going to give you quite a bit more detail about this bullion coin and where it got its origins from. So let’s get into that right now.

Who Is Maria Theresa And Why Does She Have A Thaler?

There technically isn’t a Maria Theresa because her true name is Maria Theresia and she was actually the Queen of Bohemia and Hungary. She governed both of those lands as an arch-duchess of Austria between the years 1740 and 1780.

The first Maria Theresa Thaler was actually minted in the year 1741 which was only one year after she began her reign as Queen of Bohemia and Hungary. And in that first year there were a lot of different versions of her coin minted. But Maria Theresia found one particular coin that she really liked so much that she made the people minting the coin focus on this one and give it a very high standard and a very specific design. She also made a point to have a very specific amount of silver inside of that coin as well so that it would be much more valuable than any of the other coins that were minted with her image on there.

All of the Maria Theresa Thaler coins were minted in the countries of either Bavaria or Austria. She made it a point to officially define the weight and the quality of the silver content of each of her coins in the year 1753. So the exact requirements she gave at this time were that each coin should measure 42 mm in diameter, they must have 85% of pure silver and each coin was supposed to weigh in at 28 g. When she died in the year 1780, her successor Joseph II told the Austrian mint to continue minting this coin throughout the rest of the year but that it would come to an end at the end of this same year of 1780. So you could obviously expect that Joseph II was planning on minting coins with his own image after that year.

Why Should I Care About The Maria Theresa Thaler Coins?

You really won’t care much if you don’t look at coins for the incredible investment opportunity that they present. So if you really don’t care about owning rare coins, or owning precious metals that go up in value as an investment, then this probably isn’t all that interesting to you.

If you do on the other hand want to capitalize on the incredible opportunity to own silver right now, then you should probably continue reading on because we’re going to get into silver investing right now.

Why Is Silver Such A Hot Commodity?

Silver is a very hot commodity for two reasons at this point in time. And if you haven’t noticed, the Maria Theresa Thaler is a silver coin which is why I’m bringing this topic up.

The first reason that silver is such a good investment is that it’s a way to hedge against inflation when tough economic times fall upon us. And if you haven’t noticed we are experiencing some very tough economic times right now so putting your money in silver makes a lot of sense.

The next reason to own silver is that it’s used in many of the electronic devices that we own and use regularly these days. Having a Maria Theresa Thaler is a lot more valuable for its rarity then its silver content, so you wouldn’t want to think about that coin in this particular context. But there are other junk silver coins out there that you could melt down and use for electronic devices like cell phones, TVs, iPads, laptops, computers and other electronic devices as well.

How Do I Get Started?

If you want to buy a Maria Theresa Thaler or any other silver coin then you should put your contact details into the form on this page and send them in. A Regal Assets representative will contact you and help you out with silver investing advice. Plus you’ll get a free investors kit which will help you learn even more about this very lucrative area of investing. So fill out the form now and get started as soon as possible.